The Traditional Car Club

of Doncaster


Your Privacy -

Please note: Any information you share with us when contacting or joining the club will be used solely to assist with your enquiry or membership of the club and will never be shared with any third party.

Chairman - Graham Wickham

Tel: 01977 613153

Vice Chairman - Graham Canty

Tel: 01977 661303

Secretary/Trad Sheet Editor/Archivist - Andy Campbell

Tel: 01302 339859


Treasurer/Fund Raising - Teresa Ford

Tel: 01977 663271

Membership Secretaries - Tracy Irwin and Sue Canty

Tracy Irwin - Tel: 01302 785063
Sue Canty - Tel: 01977 661303

Members Welfare - Sue Canty

Tel: 01977 661303

Trophies Secretary - Barry Wilkinson

Tel: 01302 352712

Regalia - Tracy Irwin

Tel: 01302 785063

Rally Forms - Rodger Trehearn

Rally forms are available in separate folders throughout the year.  There is a folder containing new rally forms which have recently been received for the current meeting. A folder contains general information about some of the rallies advertised and other news which may be of interest. There are three folders containing rally forms. Folder one has forms from March to May, the second folder for June & July, the third from August to the end of the season.
Contact: trehearnr @ outlook . com (no spaces) or Tel: 01226 390184 (after midday) for information about rally forms only - not about the organisaton of events.
Please note: phone numbers that are shown as being withheld or unavailable will go to my answering service.

Club points scorer - Linda Duffell

Wilsic Shield
Dianne Trophy
Excelsis Award

Facebook Pages -

General community page - open to all...
Members only group - strictly members only...

Twitter -

Our Twitter account is; @DonTradCarClub

Website maintenance - Teresa Ford and R. Trehearn

Hagerty Classic Car Insurance -

Insurance for your classic. Please mention the code CCTCC for the club to receive the partnership discount.