The Traditional Car Club

of Doncaster

Autumn Close Run to Seaton Ross

6th Oct 2013

Can this be October!!! Warm, sunny!!! How fortunate we were to have such good weather for the run from The Green Tree at Hatfield to The Black Horse at Seaton Ross - about 30 miles or so. About 14 or 15 vehicles took a sedentary stroll through places not heard of by many to finish with a welcoming bowl of soup and as many sandwiches as one could devour at The Black Horse Inn. Thanks are due to Ken for arranging the run and the landlord for the comestibles.

Unfortunately, John's new International did not finish the run

A full car park at the Black Horse

Cars from the 1920s to the 1990s

A vote of thanks to Ken for organising the run was offered by Christine and supported by all present.

Comments from other participants;

Please pass on our thanks to Ken for organising such a brilliant run out today, the route was well thought out  and scenic with the soup and sandwiches at the Black Horse being really great, the landlord made us feel very welcome and had  even accommodated for my special diet which was very good of him.  
Thanks again for a good day out and the weather could not have been better for our last run of the season, a definate for next year!
 Best wishes 

Tracy and Kevin