The Traditional Car Club

of Doncaster

Doncaster Classic Car & Bike Show

15th Jul 2012

July 15th brought a rare sunny day to Doncaster for the Classic Car & Bike show organised by the Doncaster St George’s Rotary Club in association with the Traditional Car Club. Almost half the membership of the Traditional Car Club attended on the day with 53 cars on show.
There were various activities and stalls to keep one occupied throughout the day with cars from the vintage era to the modern day displaying in the ring.
A number of vehicle clubs attended including those representing Porsche, Jago, Ford, Morris Minor, Minis, Military, VW Campers and Jaguars from South Yorkshire & Nottingham. Not forgetting a vast array of motorcycles and individual classic car entries.
Traditional Car Club Class Winners were;
Lance Avill Austin Somerset, Barry Duffell Mercedes, Nigel Hemsall Austin Seven Chummy, Mervyn Hoyle Austin Seven, Robert Kirkham Morris 1100 and Mark Wells Triumph Dolomite & Humber Super Snipe. The Car of the Show was Nigel Hemsall’s Austin Seven Chummy. Congratulations!

Part of the Traditional Car Club line up
Visiting clubs, Morris Minor, Mini, Porsche
Capri, Jago, JEC Nottinghamshire
JEC South Yorkshire & Military line up
Individual entries, Daimler, Humber, Rolls
Morris, Hillman & TVR

VW Campers

Motorcycles galore
Traditional Car Club class winners; Austin Somerset, Morris 1100, Mercedes
Austin 7, Triumph Dolomite, Humber

Class winner & Car of the Show 1928 Austin 7 Chummy