The Traditional Car Club

of Doncaster

Run to High Marnham 2012

27th May 2012

About 10 vehicles set off on a swelteringly hot & sunny day from Bawtry just after ten in the morning for a leisurely drive through various bits of the country I am not familiar with. It appears Don made a detour somewhere along the route to avoid roadworks, but I wouldn't have known!
Arriving at High Marnham after about an hour we parked against an enormous Willow tree which afforded much needed shelter from the blazing sun.


Various modes of transport some with excessive air conditioning. Someone even brought their everyday car.

A few miniature steam engines appeared. Cool off with refreshments in the Brownlow Arms or take your boat down to the waterside and have a go at waterskiing!

So it's thanks to Don for organising the run and venue.